Sibling Love

In my sibling lovehouse I am trying to promote a loving and happy family. I know that all brothers and sisters will argue and all of the time. Sibling love is the one thing I have been trying to push over the years.

In fact, it is included on my children’s behavior chart. Let me tell you this is where they get most of their negative marks.  I promise you that not one day goes by that they are not fighting.

I just want them to realize that the love that they have for each other is so important. I know that when they get older this will change. I can dream right?

When is a single dad laughing ? Trust me it is not when my children are fighting. When they are harmonious, I tend to be a very happy person. When one of them picks on the other, an angry child emerges. So I am trying to work on the way they treat each other. As I said, I do have this on their behavior chart. I am trying to incorporate this to see if it helps at all.

I know my kids love each other because when one is gone the others ask about them. They say that they miss each other. I guess sibling love is deeper than parents can see. I mean I would like to see it on the surface rather than buried deep within. They do stick up for each other and there are times when they do get along. So I have tried doing a few things.

Creating Sibling Love

The behavior chart – Here I use sibling love as a category. When I put this up there, believe me they all grunted and were not happy. It is like they plan on being mean to each other. I guess sibling rivalry is fairly intense.

sibling love

Teach our kids to love by showing love to them.

Team work- Many times I have them work together on a chore or something to help me out. They do like this and seem to get along when they do it. For instance, my daughters are seven and it takes both of them to bring the trash up.

Constant reminders- I like to remind them how important they are for each other. I Google sibling love quotes on occasion for them as well as show them versus from the bible. They like the bible and I think they understand what I mean when I show them.

I have really just begun working on this area of their lives. I mean at times they are great with each other. Honestly though, those times are few and far between. I used to fight with my sister and the funny thing was she was eight years younger. I guess no matter what, sibling rivalry will always be a factor in life. I am just trying to instill a good family value in my children.

{Q-TIP: I keep expressing that when they are older the importance of each other becomes stronger. Right now they do not see this but I am trying to get them prepared for later in life}. They need to learn to protect each other.   More Information.

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