Easter Desserts

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!!!! The problem with Easter is the Easter food and I am not talking about the main course. I am talking the Cadbury excellence of Easter desserts. Keep in mind, as a single dad I get lots of extra candy for my children. Meaning people … Continue reading

Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

One thing I always have to be concerned of with my kids is stranger danger. Now there is a debate on whether it is much worse now or if we simply know more. You know, all the information we have and how we can spot the criminals on our block. … Continue reading

Dating Single Mothers

As a single father I have found that I am destined to be at least similar to the Brady Bunch. Dating single mothers has helped me when I am single and lonely. I am not one to give dating advice but as a single parent, I have found this to … Continue reading

Text Dating

Being a single father does not give me much time to mingle. In this day in age, there are new methods to get to know people. We are always on the fly when we raise kids so getting to know someone can be difficult. However when you have children it … Continue reading

Sibling Love


In my house I am trying to promote a loving and happy family. I know that all brothers and sisters will argue and all of the time. Sibling love is the one thing I have been trying to push over the years. In fact, it is included on my children’s … Continue reading

Ant Bites

Okay so I am single and have had to figure how to be as sensitive as I can. My children like to play outside and I have had to deal with different issues. A situation that has occurred more than once involves ants. Red ant bites make for one angry … Continue reading

Behavior Chart

So the sibling rivalry in my house is extremely high. Of course they all do want the same attention and I try. We are working on the sibling love but this has become a big project. They love each other but somehow they do not get along. They never do … Continue reading

Angry Child

angry child

Okay so as we know, I am single and the father of three kids. I do experience the whole angry child thing on a regular basis. I mean I have three kids and anger management is now my special skill set to teach. I am learning as I go but, … Continue reading

Being Single and A Father

Taught Me a Lot Okay so as the site suggest I am single. Being Single has its advantages and disadvantages. Honestly being single is sometimes a drag as I do get lonely. However it also brings peace in my life. My kids really do need my attention and I try … Continue reading